Bistro 401, Titanic Quarter, Queen’s Island, Belfast BT3 9DT

Terrific Museum!

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I had never been to any part of the Emerald Isle, so when my friend Ann and I had a chance to visit Belfast we grabbed it with both hands. We went by road from Ayrshire through Dumfries and Galloway to the village of Cairn Ryan where we got the ferry across to Belfast. The crossing takes two and a half hours, but the ship is big with shops, a small cinema screen and cafes and restaurants to divert you.

Our first stop when we landed in Belfast was to visit the world famous Titanic Museum. It is situated in a lovely building and very well laid out. The exhibits include artifacts from the stricken ship, oral and visual displays, a ride showing the construction of the ship and brief biographies of some of the survivors and some who were lost. 



We spent easily two hours going around…

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