Champagne Charlie’s, The Arches, 17 Villiers Street, London, England, WC2N 6NG

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Champagne Charlie’s, in London, England, is a lovely atmospheric and cosy cellar style bar.  It is part of the Davy’s group, offering wine by the glass, carafe or bottle on the ground floor. There is a wide variety of gins and whiskies too. The lovely restaurant with a wide menu is down stairs. It is a bit of a tardis and seems to go on for ever. The venue has easy access to many parts of London by tube, train and bus. It is near both Embankment and Charing Champagne-Charlies-ICross underground stations and a nine minute stroll from Waterloo across the Jubilee Bridge, tucked away at the Arches. It is unique amongst the dozens of eateries in the area. The exposed brick walls with no windows in the restaurant, as you are underground, does create an interesting atmosphere. However, it is not claustrophic. The clever use of aches and mirrors avoids that.

My daughter recommended…

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