Back From The Brink by Alistair Darling

Val Penny's Book Reviews

I first became aware of Alistair Darling in the 1970s when I was reading law at the University of Edinburgh. Little did I know what great heights he would reach. He rose to be Chancellor of the Exchequer during the period the Gordon Brown was Prime Minister of the UK. Darling and Brown were not a match made in heaven.One of Gordon Brown’s books, My Scotland: Our Britain, is reviewed on this site:…y-gordon-brown/ ‎.  Other biographies reviewed on this site include: As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me…-james-m-bauer/, Wasted, HumblePie, WhiteSlave…o-pierre-white/Any One Can Do It…ncan-bannatyne/, Serpico, My Shit Life So Far…-frankie-boyle/, Black LikeMe…howard-griffin/,, Tuesdays With Morrie…by-mitch-albom/, I Don’t Mean ToBe Rude But…

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