Peebles Hydro

I have always enjoyed visits to the Peebles Hydro. It is a beautiful building in marvelous rolling countryside, indeed, the Peebles Hydro that is there now was built in the early 20th century as a country house hotel and spa resort in Peebles in the border region of Scotland at the south. The hotel actually opened in […]

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‘Orrible ‘Ooligans by Harry Hunter — Val Penny’s Book Reviews

My friend, Harry Hunter, kindly gave me a copy of his new book, ‘Orrible ‘Ooligans, and it seemed only right to prepare a review, but as ever, it is an honest review. Harry’s first book, Taking the High Road, a book of short stories, is also reviewed on this site at The new book, ‘Orrible […]

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The Anaerris Code: Part I he Gemma by L.K.Kelley

Gem thought she was a normal young woman, well almost, there was a slight incident five years ago, but she had successfully hidden that strange happening since and chalked it up to just part of who she was. The thing is Gem has no idea who she actually is, or the potential she holds. In […]

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Lemon Tree Garden – Rethymnon, Crete by guest author Reijosfood

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First published by Reijosfood on 5th August 2016 at

Summer vacation in Crete, Rethymnon meant also visits to several restaurants and tavernas. Tried about 10 places and always tested starters and main courses. Better avoid dining spots with most aggressive “in throwers”, best ones are those counting on menu,location and athmosphere.


Mostly ate in Old Town where you can find many good and not so good dining spots. When it comes to taverna type of restaurants serving traditional greek food, Lemon Tree Garden is the choice. Judgement is based on two visits, which both were above average in “tavernas category”.

Restaurant has good service, fresh ingredients and well prepared dishes not forgetting vegan choises.

During second visit had for starters Spinach Pies, Vine Leaves Rolls and Feta Cheese.Usually spinach pies include cheese, but restaurant had vegetarian version available. Two types rolls, vine leaves(dolmades) and zuccini…

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‘Sumer is icumumen in’ by guest author Dr Oliver Teale — Valerie Penny’s Book Reviews

This article, by Dr. Oliver Teale Lecturer in English at Loughborough University, England was first published on 01.06.2016 on the website Interesting Literature at English poetry begins with a stag breaking wind. Or, at least, it does if you pick up The Oxford Book of English Verse, where the short song, ‘Sumer is icumen in’, begins […]

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Open Book Blog Hop – May 9th — aurorawatcherak

Originally posted on Stevie Turner, Indie Author.: This week on the Open Book Blog Hop we’re discussing how a hobby makes us better writers. I must admit that with all the writing and marketing I do, there is precious little time for hobbies. However, there is one hobby which has stayed with me since I…

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Paths of the Dead by Lin Anderson — Valerie Penny’s Book Reviews

I like Lin Anderson. I say that to lay my cards on the table because I have no doubt that personal feelings colour our view of someone’s work. In this I always think about Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in 1996 aged 122. She was interviewed about a year prior to her death. She had met Vincent van […]

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Interview with Arthur Daigle — aurorawatcherak

Today’s interview is with fantasy author Arthur Daigle. It’s nice to have you visiting the blog, Arthur. Tell us something about yourself. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and I earned a biology degree from Champaign Urbana (what can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the […]

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Movenpick Hotel, Aswan, Egypt

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movenpick-resort-aswanI have always liked Aswan and particularly enjoy the trees and plants on Elephantine Island, so when my husband and I had a chance to stay at the luxurious Movenpick Hotel there, I was delighted. We went by boat across to the island. On arrival at the hotel we were offered a complimentary up grade. The airy, elegant suite had 2 levels with an extra bedrooms and terrace. We also benefitted from a private balcony, a large, comfortable suite across two floors and all the facilities of the hotel.moevenpick room

The hotel is only 14-minute walk from Elephantine Island, this upscale resort hotel overlooking the River Nile is 2 km from Nubia Museum and 3 km from the ancient Unfinished Obelisk Museum.Movenpick_Resort_Aswan_junior_suite

The Movenpick Hotel on Elephantine Island in Aswan  offeres a free breakfast buffet. There is a stylish restaurant overlooking the water, however, we preferred to eat at the poolside eatery and enjoyed…

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